Living in the basement, Rockin’ ‘til we’re gone

Chilli Shot, DizzRoxx, Trittiko, Bioglycerin, In Delirium

Rock of the Escape presented by Metalnight Outbreak, Escape Metalcorner Wien, Austria 20191228


A January’s Saturday night, and the city of Vienna has a lot to offer. Especially at the Gürtel, you could jump in one concert after another: The Venster99 hosts Punk from Hungary, the B72 Grungecore from Linz, the Café Carina two local Rock bands and the Kramladen the 43rd edition of FirleTanz. Even more live action could be seen at the schikaneder and replugged, and at the Escape, Metalnight Outbreak brings you great Rock.

As first band, In Delirium lives up high the golden era of Grunge. Nirvana and Seether are their obvious influences, especially represented by the cool voice of Marvin. Local H and Puddle of Mudd are more idols they name. As bassist Robert (also Beyond Reason) quits the band, it is their last gig in this formation. The next three piece band is Bioglycerin, who just recently played here at the End Of Days Festival. Already before starting, the band earns laugher for “I have a friend from Czech Republic, I have a friend from Check One Two” and that singer Dima wants bassist Hamid to be 60-70 % of his loudness level. Their music starts with a Djembe and next to originals like “Smiley Face” they play “Personal Jesus” and “Rock and Roll”. Also they remind a bit of old Paradise Lost and teach you “If you’re not a master, you need a ‘Kapodaster’.”

Trittiko then show their favorits on their shirts of Queensrÿche and Metallica. For the soundcheck they sing “Living After Midnight” and their set features “Breaking The Law”. Some newer songs they play are from Danko Jones, Steel Panther and Airbourne. Then the next Heavy Metal band DizzRoxx follows. As their drummer got sick, JJ helps them out with their original songs like “Razer” and “I Am In Love”. During a ballad, they give away two CDs as birthday present. Their style mainly reminds of classics like Nazareth and Status Quo. The last band Chilli Shot brings in the Indie and Alternative parts. Highlights are “Daydream” and “I don’t like” and the live premiere of “Lullaby”, tunes that make think of R.E.M. and Green Day. Upcoming Highlights at the Escape are the Heavy/Thrash Association, the Birthday as well as the Void Emanation MMXX and Austrian Toilet Invasion.