Resistance At The End Of Days

Stay Sick Festival 2019

Presented by Venus Bop and The First Bizzare Community in Cooperation with JUZ Between and Punkrock Weiner Productions, JUZ Between, Bregenz, Austria 20191228


The Stay Sick Festival has a long tradition. Everything started at the legendary Sonderbar, which was carried to the grave back in 2012. The same year, when Billy’s Pub by Mandi changed its owner. At the Graf Hugo, the festival celebrated its revival with acts like Black Mud River, Laser Mutants and The Youth. And since the last year, as the government of Feldkirch thrust the place aside, it takes place at the Between.

Luckily, this youth center can look back on a long history. The name it has from the time, when two executive authorities were next to it. And in 1985, the audience followed the Live Aid on TV. This year’s Stay Sick is hosted by Punkrock Weiner Productions and Venus Bop, who starts the evening as Night Of One Sadist. Before he returns to the stage, Ape Rites from Zurich perform a powerful Punk show. “Can you Catholics understand us?” they ask and earn laughters.

Mr.Slipper & his lazy Cats again features Venus Bop and members of Beard Punch / Lukas & the bad thoughts and Stator. Therefore, the set includes Enno on the mic, while Erich is drinking and playing his solo at the same time. At the end, they perform a song together with Ape Rites from their Split out on Sarma Records. Meanwhile at the hall, Wolfgang Reutz got the soundcheck done with the two German bands for the great final. Thee Garagekid shared the stage with likes of Wild Evel & The Trashbones. Maybe that’s why it reminds of the DeeCRACKS birthday evening. The good mood and dancing at least is similar. Thee Drongos from Hamburg finally are the last act of this wonderful Punk Rock night, driven by awesome bands, dedicated organisers and a venue that luckily wasn’t teared or shut down like the Denkmal or DasBACH.