The Harmony Goes On

Yunger, The Boy I Used To Be

Unders Wien, Austria 20200117


A little bit more than a year has passed, since the first living room concert at the Unders. Now the local hero of the last time returns with his tour buddy of the last few months. Two musicians, a team like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Asterix and Obelix, the same in gear and attitude, yet entirely different in approach.

The Boy I Used To Be got more melancholy and a little gloominess in his songs like The Devil’s Trade but is softer. Still he could work as support of yearning Scandinavian bands like Sólstafir and Árstíðir or maybe Placebo. He always likes to tell stories like from their last November tour, where they played at a record store in Luzern, just the owner and his wife and the two of them. The riff of “Black Silhouette” is quite similar to a famous track he admits, while one already found “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” on his mobile. A mobile could also be used to make music, like the boy shows in his encore, plus he brought new CDs including the new song “Bern”, shirts and stickers with him.

Compared to the boy, Yunger’s music is a little bit brighter. He could be supporting famous Folk acts like Mumford & Sons or Arcade Fire. During their first common tour ending at the Kramladen, he released his debut “Of Journeys and other Longings”. His songs stay stuck even the next day you will remember the words of e.g. “Bus Ride”, a song that evolved on tour with All Faces Down. He also presents two new ones, one beautiful dream like an Art Garfunkel song, the other about two friends who left Vienna, where it takes him “six hours to the end of the rail” to meet them. His hardened nails let a string break during “On The Run”, Stella joins him on stage for “Pocket Poetry” and the whole room sings “Happy Birthday” to the tour daddy Berni (High 5ive). And the next one is just about to come, as the two musicians are off on the road again in April.