The Last For A While In Culture Of Welcome 

Churchpenny Allstars, Die Biene Maier

Seeböckgasse XVI. Ottakring Wien, Austria 20240430

Somewhere in the sixteenth district, there is a house. Crossing the doorway, welcoming people are awaiting. Downstairs, you can get homebrew beer, and upstairs, there is a buffet for the guests. All low-threshold, like at Venster99 (that is still closed unfortunately), the Chybulski or at Rauchenbichl earlier.  

For concerts, the old basement was renovated in community work and beautifully decorated with glass bottle lights and light garlands. This evening, the ‚house band‘ Die Biene Maier lead by resident Flausch is up first. The six-piece including trumpet and violin inspires even children to dance during soundcheck already and a girl has the mixer explained to her. 

They pick up all kind of topics in their songs like the USP, dentist and prejudices against insects with „The Bad Touch“ ending. Packed in a sound like Bright Eyes meet The White Stripes Blues, they make the audience row and dance a choreography. Their gig ends with schnapps and balloons and thanks to the house owners.

In March, the Churchpenny Allstars played one of their quite regular Café Carina concerts. Tonight, they are accompanied by videographers and have an extended setlist with them, as they want to play way through their discography for their fans. Of course this includes the biggest hits like the album opener „Mr. Matters“ of „Pigeon Paradise“, dedicated to tonight’s cook. 

During songs like „Boogeyman“, the audience does the backing vocals. „Spin My Dolly“ and „Make My Money“ must not be missing either and during the encores, a pit opens up. With all those songs like „Underwaterman“, the set at the end still feels short due to the great music and atmosphere. 

As the concert is finished, the guests are asked to remain silent and not go outside all at once, as it is an actually quiet neighborhood. And as their drummer will go abroad, it was the last show for Churchpenny Allstars for a long time. But they will return in March 2025.