Build Your Idols (Album 2024)

Ben Blutzukker

Heavy Power Industrial Metal Hard Rock

From the great plains we travel through time, about a century forward. After „Son Of A Gun“ and the single „Remedy“, the 80s and 90s are just one part of the full-length with the fitting title „Build Your Idols“. Another lesson in Brick Metal, summarizing all early variations, sometimes critical, sometimes playful. 

When Ben Blutzukker chooses „Buffy (The Vampire Slayer Theme)“ as opener, it comes around like an Offspring smasher. From there, the Heavy Metal kingdom starts with a raw Iron Maiden / Manowar / Grand Magus energy. In „One By One“, the sky is darkened, you feel like hearing the bells toll and Dio send his regards. 

A „Twisted Dream“ turns to be an Annihilator Thrash one, before the single „Game Of Life“. Fantastic Industrial like it should sound with whipping drums and distortion. About the brick-built stop-motion video Ben Blutzukker says: „Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer: Man tut es.“ 

It combines scenes from retro games like „Paperboy“, „Super Mario World“, „Mortal Kombat“, „Dungeon Master“, „Barbarian“, „Last Ninja“, a shooter and „Tetris“. More positive Doro vibes come with „Scream“ featuring Vivs Takahashi and Florian Mathes from FlowerLeaf: „Music is my life, it’s my dopamine.“

Then Ben Blutzukker shares his thoughts on the „Good Old Days“, followed by the parodie on requests of ‚thums up‘ and ‚subscribe‘ with „Rate Me“. As album closer, he chose a WWE theme like „The Game“ / „King of Kings“: „Sexy Boy“ of Shawn Michaels by Jimmy Hart. If not before, this is the moment when Hörst come to ones mind.

Build Your Idols“ is a wild bunch of three-minute-songs. And to celebrate the result, they are available as CD in a 6-side-digipack with a title image for each song plus six bonus tracks including „Metalhead“ and „Queen of the Nite“. Plus an album release party is held at Papidoux Düsseldorf Altstadt