Sitting Rock from 8Bit to the Roots

Churchpenny Allstars, ThrowingShade, Furious Feedback

50 Shades Of Rock, Tunnel Vienna Live, Austria 20200118

The first snow of the year is coming down this Saturday. At the cosy Tunnel in the eighth district of Vienna, one band invites to a nice start of the New Year, together with two more acts presenting the “50 Shades of Rock”.

Furious Feedback is the cool name of the beginning band of the night. Like Lando even creates his music with Gameboys and Dayum is inspired by video games, they combine the sounds of consoles with their Alternative Rock. The set includes the ballad “Without a Trace” and many songs from the new record “Press Start”, remarkably “Exit, Enter” and “Way Down” making think of 2000s music like Evanescence.

Inviting band this night is ThrowingShade. Their Rock and Metal approach seems to be a lot inspired by classics like Metallica and Pantera and in heavier parts reminds of The King Must Die. Their musical performance is on a high level and especially the solos high class. Their song titles like “Liquid Love”, “Killed By God” and “Bitch Machine” are concise, made to be kept in mind.

As third band for even more shades, frontman Michael invited Churchpenny Allstars, so after the introducing band and main act, they are kind of the encore, the cherry on top. With raspy voice and a little too sharp guitar as singer Leander asserts, they bring in the Funky Stoner Blues. Their charismatic and energetic show gets to a peak in the middle with “Boogeyman” and “Spin My Dolly” from the debut “Pigeon Paradise”. The last song they dedicate to the newborn son of a loyal fan, before the audience is at strife whether they want to hear “Golden Flakes” or “Underwaterman” as encore, until the band decides on the second one, ending a perfectly comfortable Rock evening.