The Best Work-Life Balance Possible

Caged Wolves, Scream Of The Butterfly, Exit Green

Stoner Rock Night #46, Café Carina Wien, Austria 20200123


As another week is coming close to the end, the little Fridays in Vienna are just right for concert visits. On Wednesday, Israelis Melechesh bring the Dark Extreme Metal to the Viper Room, on Thursday you can meet some Electro at the Kramladen or Fiesta Forever and The Ivies at the Rhiz. On Friday itself Sum 41, Franz Fuexe and Sniffin Glue bring up the Punk variations, and back to Thursday it is Stoner Rock Night at the Café Carina.

Band number one is Exit Green. Singer Timo jokes, that he wants all treble of his voice, as it just consists of heights. Anyway he sounds cool like the whole combo. Their musical mix is very diverting, going from fast grungy riffs to Stoner with Black Sabbath influences to classic Kiss and more unknown Two-By-Four. Timo is sorry for those who have to work, but this band already delivers the perfect balance. Looking at the shirts of the band one might recognize Void Creation, in which bassist Berna is playing as well. Herself tonight is wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt.

During the soundcheck, someone already thought of Iron Butterfly listening to the sounds of Scream Of The Butterfly. The formation from Berlin brings in more Rock’n’Roll licks and is about to release a new record in March entitled “Birth Death Repeat”. To some the guitarist might be familiar from HellreX while singer Richard’s voice reminds of Myles Kennedy and he makes fun with a woman in the audience: “Janis Joplin is here.” Also the Dead Lord-patch of bassist Sergej appears a good reference, partly Pink Floyd as well and as second encore they play a Bon Scott-song.

They thank organizer Clem (Cadû) for bringing them on stage before the last band hits the boards: Caged Wolves go more to the roots of the Stoner Desert vibes. Long parts of their set are instrumental, jamming on one riff consisting of two chords, winning its power and tension through loudness and dynamics. Songs like the fabulous “Lost In The Desert” or “Chaac” named after an ancient Mayan God remind of Prehistoric Pigs, Highway Child and OSDOU. After discovering their name on a poster at the Weberknecht, the next chance to see them live is at the Arena Beisl with In Delirium.