Let it drag you away – A double joint

Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma

Double Headliner Show / Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Große Halle, Vienna, Austria 2017-03-30


Roadtrip To Outta Space, a concert series taking place since years at the Arena Wien, for some people became some kind of religion. Bringing the best of the best from genres like Stoner, Sludge and Doom Metal to the city, this evening is for the fans of two of the greatest German bands.

As both of them are releasing a new record, it is a double headliner show. My Sleeping Karma do the start. Their new live record “Mela Ananda” comes with an DVD containing their Rockpalast gig as well as the documentary “Let’s give it a try”. Released through Napalm Records, it is a wonderful peace of what they celebrate this night too: instrumental Psychedelic Groove Rock as they name it. And this description fits it perfectly well, as the sound drags you away, with a wonderful pressure affecting all of your body. The whole show is accompanied by visuals showing indian religious symbols, suitable to their name.

After this first experience, the second headliner show is played by the mighty Colour Haze. Being in the game since over two decades, of course they are not a dark horse. “In Her Garden” is the name of their latest record. The new songs they perform like “Skydancer” and “Labyrinthe” for sure are highlights from their set, even though of course the audience enjoys their classic ones. In fact, this band continues the trip My Sleeping Karma has started, also accompanied by very nice psychedelic visuals showing abstract graphical waves or the view through a window at night.

The musical output of both bands is just huge. Providing melodies, riffs, pressure, shivers, everything positive that can hit your body, this double feature is something the audience will not forget.