Hell’s Chosen – Between Satisfaction and Sacrifice

Electric Wizard

Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Große Halle, Vienna, Austria 2017-04-02


“Come to the Sabbath!” it says in black letters on a T-shirt at the merchandise. And it is Sunday, the day of the lord. Well, maybe not for these slaves of Lucifer.

Electric Wizard is the band of the evening. Before them, the almighty Angel Witch should have played, but unfortunately their tour bus broke on the way and they could not make it. A bitter pill for everyone. Still the big hall of the Arena in Vienna is crowded, when the show begins.

And it is massive. The heavy distortions of the instruments and the slamming drums instantly catch the audience. Accompanied by visuals made from 60’s horror films full of naked skin, torture and blood, especially the beginning underlines the dark side of the band, satanic, occult and devilish. It is a strange feeling that appears, a happy satisfaction while facing disturbing sacrifice, a classical cognitive dissonance. But in a good way, as the music starts filling the room and bodies with a warm energy.

One reason is the kind of sound. Even though the focus is definitely on the Doom Metal side of the band, you also can get the impression, that you can feel the desert because of the Stoner Rock parts in the music. Those get accompanied by psychedelic graphical visuals, as well as for example images from the biker movie “Hell’s Chosen Few” from 1968.

The incredible performance of Jus Oborn and the band around him, their dedication to the music, the dark and positive feelings and also the visual part, indeed send you on a very special trip. Unfortunately a quite short one with about 75 minutes, but even more wonderful.