Got it to the point – 20 Years Down & Dirty Tour

Children Of Bodom, Forever Still, Oni

Presented by Mind Over Matter Music, Arena Große Halle, Vienna, Austria, 2017-03-25


Saturday evening, three bands on stage, a night for the fans, that is all you need. The big hall of the Arena Vienna already starts to get filled when the first support of the evening enters the stage.

Oni is the name of this unique formation. From their appearance you can guess what to expect. With cut off guitar necks, they perform a challenging mixture waving from Progressive to Death to Technical Melodic Death Metal. The singing changes from gently and nice to brutal mayhem, and what is completely stunning is John DeAngelis on the Xylosynth, an unfortunately rarely seen occasion, but this guy is rocking as later will Alexi Laiho.

But before that, the second support climbs the boards: Forever Still, a female fronted rock band, as they write themselves. Their harmonic but also sometimes quite rough songs remind of HIM or Evanescence. Through backtracks they reach a volume and atmosphere, that would not be possible to simply just recreate like that live. Also doing it like that is not easy, and anyway this powerful performance deserves big respect.

The respect of the main act they have for sure. Coming from the Metalnation Finland, the country with the most Metal bands per inhabitants, and recently voted the best of their home state by Loudwire: Children Of Bodom. There are sure many reasons for their position and reputation: their unmistakable sound, their, also often voted as best guitarist, frontman Alexi Laiho or as they proof this night their incredible live performance.

Because of their anniversary they blast through a lot of classics, to underline who and what they are, mighty and convincing and leaving a stoked audience.