Therapy tour to peace of the heavy heart

Conan, Lord Dying

European Tour 2023 presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space at Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20231018

Busy concert autumn is on. At Flex, Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green performs as City And Colour. Meanwhile, the outdoor section of the Arena was dismantled for the pleasure of the dear neighborhood. At the sold out big hall, Millencolin from Örebro in Sweden bring up the Skatepunk. And at the small one, scene of the Psychedelic Rollercoaster and Howling Giant with Heavy Temple lately, the next Roadtrip To Outta Space is going down. 

Before admission at eight, the Beisl beckons with Judas Priest and Cock Sparrer. About an hour later, the support with the clarion name Lord Dying from Portland, Oregon like Red Fang, starts. They tell, that they are glad to be back at Arena. Their massive Sludge with the huge variable voice of Erik Olson lets the speaker almost burst. Newer songs they present as well as older ones like the outstanding „A Wound Outside of Time“ from „Poisoned Altars“. 

After their set, the neck is warmed up for Doom virtuosos Conan from Liverpool. With their „Revengeance“ tour 2017 with Downfall of Gaia, Hark and High Fighter, they engraved themselves into one’s memory and with their merchandise. Tonight, after playing Linz, Ljubljana, Budapest and more already and with Oslo, Gothenburg and Leipzig ahead amongst others, they shine with their latest album „Evidence Of Immortality“ out via Napalm Records. Their Caveman Battle Doom talks of swords and fear and dead skies, while it brings peace to the heart at the same time. It is like a therapy, that even can turn to kind of an addiction to a certain amount. 

The two great shows leave the fans happily behind and into the nippy night. And for those who need more, several events in similar direction at least are awaiting those days, with Yawning Man, Clouds and Kerbmaldarr, Naca7 and Prototyper, The Great Gray Funk and Psycho Toaster, Vulvarine and more.