A Great Day for Psychedelic Jazzy Funk Sludge

Triptonus, Baron Crâne, Speck, Bum Shelter

Psychedelic Rollercoaster at Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20230930

It’s a beautiful Saturday. The Great Gray Funk spend the afternoon playing at LP Café. Fokis performs at Rap am Bogen, the Tarantino Experience at Fledermaus and Grandson at Gasometer. And while Jazzland, Porgy&Bess and Metropol are known for Jazz, the small hall of Arena is the place for Heavy Psych Jazz tonight. 

Iceberg filled the rooms with life the night before and radio 88.6 the big hall this evening. Speck start the Psychedelic Rollercoaster in a formidable loud and slow manner. Huge main riffs keep the heads banging in the extensive compositions. And they can go fast as well, as they proof with their loveable 30 seconds encore and soon at Strom im Berg too. 

As very special guest, Baron Crâne from France are up next. With Mrs Red Sound and Shake Promotion at their back, they have their latest album „Les Beaux Jours“ with them. They start the show with the fulminant „Firmin“ from „Commotions“, followed by fireworks of Heavy Progressive Jazz like at Krach am Bach filmed by DenpaFuzz. The songs don’t need lyrics to express feelings written on the faces of the three-piece e.g. while incorporating „I Shot The Sheriff“ of Bob Marley

Unfortunately, Sankt Joachim & der Wiener Untergrund, who played with Toxic Men for example before, are just done at the Beisl as well the moment they finish. But the Rollercoaster continues with Triptonus, who shared the same stage with Lurch before. They introduce their new drummer, who learned the songs within six rehearsals only. Playing older and newer tracks, they go extremely wild in their final. 

At the Beisl, Bum Shelter do the closure with humming deep and croaking ‚Furious Sludge / Doom‘ like at Venster99 and soon at Kapu with Conan. After Günther credences the 40-year-old „Another Perfect Day“ and on Sunday, Chuseok will happen while a vinyl flea market at Brauhund. And the Psychedelic Rollercoaster will sustain with Mars Red Sky, Lush City Ferals and more..