Lead Me To The Good Sound

Conny Ochs

Roadburn Festival 20200418


While DJ Eraserhead plays his collection of Roadburn related tracks, the festival itself hosts a very special musician on their page. Since he played at the Café Voodoo back in 2017, he got a new album “Doom Folk” out and performs a short set of eight songs from his home, before darsombra and Full of Hell follow.

Conny Ochs opens his show with “Hole”, opener from “Future Fables”. While the video quality isn’t that good, the important part, the sound is pretty fine and clear, even though mono. Conny tells, that Wino, who is now on Ripple Music, was his first connection to the Roadburn festival and salutes his viewers via the internet.

“Here’s an uplifting one, it goes like this” he says announcing “Vultures By The Vines” from “Heavy Kingdom”. “Time Out Black Out” from “Freedom Conspiracy” he dedicates to his partner from The Obsessed, and also his friends Steven from Scotland and Jose he greets like this.

Dust” is another one the two artists recorded together. Also from his first album, Conny plays “Waiting For The Monster” and the final encore “Good House”. He thanks Exile On Mainstream for realizing this idea and tells that it helps him in this situation.

Also the people in the comments seem to be happy telling that this is their first Roadburn show and first opportunity to watch a Conny Ochs concert with “friends from all over Italy and Germany.” “See you soon medicine man” another one says, as it was Connys comparison for doing this and music.

After all, this thought is very true. And this live pleasure after Dr. Space the perfect relief on this Saturday afternoon and evening. And while the program on the Roadburn Facebook page continues, the Escape presents the “Come To The Sabbath” stream on YouTube.