The Quarantine Goes On And On

Dr. Space of Øresund Space Collective

Home Studio Performance Live Stream, Roadburn Festival 20200418


Basically those day, the legendary Roadburn Festival should have happened at Tilburg, Netherlands. Many known acts have been there like Fuzz Manta, Ulver, Sleep and Triptikon. This year, Okkultokrati, Alcest, Russian Circles, Primitive Man, Oranssi Pazuzu and more were about to perform. Instead, the festival moved online with Dool, Conny Ochs, The Devil’s Trade and more.

On Saturday afternoon, before also the Viper Room send out his Roadburn DJ Set to the internet, the impressive Dr. Space of the Øresund Space Collective, Doctors of Space, Black Moon Cirlce and Space Rock Productions, who played e.g. in 2018, bewitches his audience. His visual appearance is evoking. A man with a mighty beard and long grey hair standing between thousands of vinyls with three keyboards and a patchbay.

It is music to get through the day and let oneself fall or as one comment puts it: “Enjoy the trip!” With stoic tranquillity, Scott Heller creates his live improvised sound. The highlight is his view every now and then, the light smile on his face, when the “spacy sound” as he ones said at the Graf Hugo come in. The three compositions consist of a main theme melody, accompanied by noise, squeaks and more melodies.

“If you have some intruments and soundpanel you could do a home improv on this”, one viewer asserts. There are few thing to learn from the comments. One is that Dr. Space was living in Denmark and the US but know settled himself somewhere in Portugal. The poster in the back is from the Festival Reverence Santarem.

Each of the three tunes takes about ten minutes, as a result the show lasts for pretty exactly thirty minutes. Unfortunately the announcements are too hard to understand. But the sound itself and the video work well, and this relaxed and reduced afternoon Hawkwindish Space Rock music makes one looking forward for more.