The Return Of The Sludge Power Mystery

Corrosion Of Conformity, Plainride

Presented by Mind Over Matter Music / Barracuda Music, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20230517

Right after a fantastic opening of the festival season, our way leads to ((szene)). In 2020, a tour should have taken this heavy legends to Salzburg, but now, Mind Over Matter / Barracuda Music bring them to the live club in Simmering. In a slight rain, the guests wait patiently outside, as the doors open punctually at 19.30. 

At the Rockhouse Bar, Spirit Arift was planned as support act. Now it is Plainride from Cologne, Germany, who get the hall constantly filled, even though they start some minutes too early. They obivously are happy to present songs like the opening one from their third self-titled album „Fire In The Sky“ or the „Wanderer“. Also they like to jam a bit, presenting their skills which make them the strong band they are. 

During the break, the stacks of Orange amps on the TV screens jump to one’s eyes as well as the „Great American Music Hall“ hoodie of the roadie. Corrosion Of Conformity are like a mystery, that has been out there since decades, but is hard to catch live. About a year ago, they played e.g. at Desertfest New York. But in Austria, they haven’t been for quite a while, as they determine themselves. Finally they made it, and the audience can enjoy an extanded set introduced by a ZZ Top tune

The powerful sound doesn’t even take earbuds, bursting the ((szene)) with classic riffs like „Señor Limpio“, „Vote With a Bullet“ and „Clean My Wounds“. The focus for the crowd is on the task to keep the head circling, until Pepper Keenan takes some time to introduce the band and especially guitarist Woody Weatherman as his daytime drinking buddy and himself as dickhead. That COC appears to be this genius mystery is underlined by their live ability. And as the fantastic concert fades out, a pub like Johnny’s is right to calm down.