Warm Welcome & Unforgettable Music

Graveyard, The Obsessed, Mars Red Sky, Rosy Finch

Kristonfest 2023 presented by Noise On Tour at Sala La Paqui (former BUT) Madrid, Spain 20230527

Only 15 minutes from Plaza de España and Templo de Debod, right next to the metro station Tribunal, La Paqui is awaiting a unforgettable evening of heavy music. Also it is an evening of pleasant encounters. Most visitors of the Kristonfest 2023 seem to know each other, and the people are incredibly friendly in general. 

The entry is punctually at 18.15 and the local contribution Rosy Finch starts right away. They don’t only celebrate the 10th anniversary of „Wolves Waiting“, but have a brand-new lyric video out. Live, they do invest a lot of energy into a good show as they mix hard’n’fast Metal and Psychedelic parts. Bringing Svalbard to one’s mind, their main problem is, that the drums don’t fall apart. 

Everything works quickly and smooth like the change over, as Mars Red Sky come in with their slow and Progressive songs like „Strong Reflection“. The French three-piece enchants with their Sleep-like Stoner and the special atmosphere, that results from the sound. The little extra is, when they sing with several voices, before they finish and the break is well spent outside in the still bright light of day.

Then it is time for a true Stoner Doom Metal legend, that couldn’t play Europe for years and had to cancel festivals like Lake On Fire. Finally, Wino and The Obsessed return, „To Protect And To Serve“ highlights like „Punk Crusher“ from „Sacred“, „Endless Circles“ or the previously unreleased „It’s Not OK“. The name of the frontman can be heard all evening, who regrets the loss of Saint Vitus bassist Mark Adams and is visibly pleased to play his solos, raising his fist simply saying „yeah!“ And showing Sasquatch on the back of his guitar. 

After JJ Cale, the beautiful final is Graveyard. They grab your heart especially with quiet tunes like „Uncomfortably Numb“, „Slow Motion Countdown“ and „The Siren“ and the distinctive Gibson sound. As the bar closes early, all that is left to say is, thanks for the warm welcome in Madrid and a wonderful concert evening to the team, bands and guests of Kristonfest.