Listening, Processing and Spreading the Stories

SOIA, Fabian Bachleitner of Belle Fin

G’schichtn aus’m Wiener CD Release Party, Vollpension, Vienna, Austria 20200908

Unique ideas can cause wonderful possibilities and events. The Vollpension in the 4th district of Vienna includes people of all ages, old and young, sitting them together, plus giving retirees the opportunity to bring in their skills in baking.

Therefore it is the perfect venue for the presentation of another unique project. SOIA teamed up with Fabian Bachleitner of the band Belle Fin. They visited several retirement homes and then wrote a whole record out of those experiences.

Anita Brunnauer from the studio nita and photographer Ina Aydogan are responsible for the visual part of the work. The cover of the CD shows a lovely picture of SOIA’s grandfather. In the booklet, all lyrics can be found together with images of the people the stories are about. Live, they present the songs accompanied by a bass and an accordion.

Usually SOIA is about great R&B and Soul like e.g. Jesse Ware. But this time, the direction is more the classic so-called Wienerlied. In the songs, the two singers tell those stories of the elder people. Some are about everday life like visiting the Prater or their sexual activity, others are more metaphoric. The speed varies from slow and thoughtful to very danceable.

So two viewers even take the chance to move their feet. But Vienna wouldn’t be Vienna if not someone would come to complain about the noise, even though it is early in the evening and not really loud. Anyway the band spreads good feelings, even when they talk about serious issues like Alzeimer’s, a topic that was moved in other artistic disciplines like in the movie “Blätter im Herbst”.

As final song the group performs “I lassert Kirschen für di wachsen” by Karl Hodina. Like the Vollpension, the team of artists bring the humanity of our grandparents and parents generations in front of the curtain, showing the interest and carrying the essence out to the world.