Hate Dies Last (Album 2023)



In the mid 2000s, the biggest festivals of Austria defined their concept. At the same time, one band rumbled through the undergorund. Live, they shared the stage with names like Dozer, The Ocean, Suma, Cult Of Luna, High On Fire, Weedeater and more. Now Bloodshed666 reveals their third album „Hate Dies Last“. 

After „Hate / Human“ and „Hate Songs“, this title of the new CYRUSS piece seems perfectly fitting. Recorded and mixed at Cosmix Studios and mastered at Unisound, the cover photos are from Kargl GmbH, displaying a screaming person. This cements the tone of the six songs, that combine brutal riffs with shuddering growls with the power of Primitive Man or portrayal of guilt.

So „Despair“ starts with a fantastic and direct riff, while flogging drums move the annihilating „No Survival Can Be Tolerated“ forward. Then CYRUSS slams on the brakes for grueling brutal Doom in „Rotten Silver“. It eats away your frustration and will and all good, leaving yet enough emotions to smile reading the next title. 

From Vienna With Hate“ picks up speed again, with some Celtic Frost Black’n’Roll touch and loveable guitar melody. In „Sweet Revenge“, the drums do start, making think of Sepultura and then of Brujeria in its furious way. The beginning of „The Product“ then not only surprises with a clean guitar but also because it reminiscent of „Tied My Hands“, originally from the Saron Gas demo and performed unplugged in the mid 2000s

This brings us kind of back to the start, but also the „Seasons In The Abyss“ ring through, before the massive feedback ultimately rings out the album. It is a marvelous ride, whether you are in a good mood, or your nerves are just on edge. And as the makers do care about an accurate packaging, 205 copies are available on 3 coloured red/black/green vinyl, serving the willing collectors. Album presentation is planned at Venster99 with Half Darling.