Sindnbeg (Album 2023)


Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust

No restraint, no filter, no embellishment. Hardcore Punk and related genres are known by this values. A Viennese outfit has added their dialect next to German and English to the common trademarks and the DIY ethos. With big love for details in sound, structure and visuals, here comes their new record „Sindnbeg“, out via Bloodshed666 (Cyruss, Phal:Angst, desolat) collaborating with Wembley Prods. 

The name ZxUxA, short for ‚Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin‘ (‚at least left a negative impression‘) funnily reminds of a scene in Scrubs. The band photo was taken at the Kapuzinerkirche next to the KAPU in Linz, where e.g. Fokis shot a music video as well. On the album cover, black goat silhouttes come out a pink and orange background and patterns, on the back is an ‚assprint‘ and the vinyl comes in red and yellow. 

Like the artwork, the songs jump right into your face and ears. Sometimes spoken intros announce the topic of the following piece like „Hosn owe!“ talks about a police control. Quoting Homer J. Simpson, they rant about „Nukularer Frieden“, followed by a Helmet / Weezer monster intro then screaming „Zuvücourage“. 

In „Bitterkeit“, the doubt about humanity becomes certainty and frustration is real, before the longest track turns out to be a cover of „Fight For Your Right“ by the Beastie Boys. Until the end, the direct choice of words prevails, and the listener has the song structure internalised. 

On the B-side, ZxUxA serves a greatest hits selection. Their super mangy sound fits the attitude like Oi Polloi, Nag or I.O.N.U., and like Die Böslinge, their lyrics unfold even more power through the dialect. And befitting their rank, they celebrate the release of the record at Kulturverein Einbaumöbel together with Schaden, gepetto and catastrophy