Music, Friends and Atmosphere

bezzer weezer, The Spauldings, Los Flixs

4 Jahre Damenspitz Geburtstagsfeier, Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20230607

In Vienna, there’s a wide range of homely bars like the Unders, Brauhund, Exil, Café Voodoo or Habakuk. Good music is part of the recipe for success. The Damenspitz not only has their merch inspired by Motörhead, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Nirvana, Run DMC and the Misfits. To celebrate their fourth anniversary, they invite three related bands to the Arena Dreiraum

As Klangkarussell plays at the big hall, the Würstelstand is opened and the Beisl is well attended. The name Los Flixs reminds of the media center 5Flix of the TV station Tele5. They start their fast Punk show with a little delay and are finished quite quickly, so unfortunately it can happen, that you accidentally miss them. 

The break then is short as well, as the Horrorpunks from The Spauldings are up next. Probably inspired by Rob Zombie movies like The Devil’s Rejects, they play pretty hard Punkrock. Singer Michael Grabenbauer, who plays in Dynamo Mühlschüttel too, jokes that a Friday evening at the Damenspitz is a „Freakshow“. It is a song from their latest album „Tie the Knot“ they released at Venster99 in March with a beautiful artwork by Stay Gold Grafix (Reverend Backflash, Stevo & The Shotlights, Pirates Days).

As headliner, bezzer weezer pays tribute to the 90s College Rock heroes Weezer. The unit can be considered a supergroup with James Choice on vocals, who with the long hair even optically reminds of Rivers Cuomo and Mike from DeeCRACKS on drums. Concerts like in Bologna or the Hella Mega tour might have been even more motivation to form this coverband. From the fifteen albums it is hard to choose, but for sure the classic „Say It Ain’t So“ from the debut is a highlight in the set. 

After the great concerts end, the evening isn’t finished. The music continues with the sound of vinyl by Dave Dagger and BamBam Pebbles in the fabulous atmosphere with friends at Arena.