Solitude (Album 2024)

Dark Delirium

Melodic Death Metal

Where the swords reach to the sky, in Western Norway, the ground is fine for mining Metal. It is already the fourth full-length forged by an rememberable formation after „Fallen“, „Sulphur“ and „New Era“. 

Like an evil frenzy, lifting your soul out of your body and drilling it through the massive walls of Metal music, this is Dark Delirium. They serve complete coherent art packages like e.g. Flight Of Eden. The songs of „Solitude“ are accompanied by several artworks. The name-giving one for example turns the sight in a round cathedral towards heaven, where a head can be seen in a kind of cosmical swirl. 

The sound hits in separating the blood from the heart and pushing it back with breakdowns plus brutal voice growling deep and high. Those will stand out as characteristic attributes throughout the following fifty minutes. Within this duration, it can shift bit to the core-corner with the distortions or to black masses like the riff in „King Of Fallen Time“, for which a performance video was shot.

„Embolism“ is the first song on the record with a feature by Nekonomicon, what adds another facet to the generally diversified album. Further main components are the Groove like in „Flesh Of The Masses“ established by DevilDriver or Betzefer and the Technical aspect like in „Lost In Shadows“, known from Chaos Over Cosmos or others. 

For the beautifully arranged „Omen“, another music video was published, while the crazy blasting „Devour“ again reminisce of likes of King 810. The twelfth chapter holds another feature with XE and video and can be surtitled as Death’n’Roller. After a furious start holding your grip it is a great finish, relieving your body in a recreation only Metal can do.