Beggars and Comets (EP 2024)


Instrumental Post Rock

Belgium and Brussels are famous for various reasons. There are the Atomium, the Manneken Pis, the palace and park, the town hall, the beer and cartoons… and music. Festivals like Down The Hill and Durbuy Rock have a large selection of local acts like Wiegedood or Wolvennest. And like Goodbye Meteor from the neighbor country, there’s a special outfit from the capital doing in Post Rock.

Yakhchal (like an ancient Persian ice house) released „Asterism“ back in 2019. The successor goes by the name „Beggars and Comets“ making think of „Beggars Banquet“ and „Beggars Day“ in the first second. The artwork by Niccolo Masini is a distorted image like an explosion hold in red. 

The first of the three songs starts with a speech by physicist „Alex Dalgarno“. Like in Opeth’sNepenthe“ from „Heritage“, the bass comes in this wonderful way. It dissolves in the fine rhythm, that is joined by piercing guitar tones later on. Somewhere midway through, it feels like breaking before an abyss, like in the old PC game Skyroads

A soothing feeling like when hearing „Kassetti 2012“-bands Kairon; IRSE!, Streak and the Raven and Softengine arises. It’s a certain beauty, that continues with song two „Three“. This one gives a sense of flying, lovely and touching like Henrik Huber and Paul Plut. „Rien à voler“ – nothing to steal are the final six minutes. 

It is rhythm and noise driven by a heart beat. Split chords and even a little taste of Indie. Something crosses our flight so we take a sharp turn. At this point you realize, it was the right decision, as we are heading for the home straight. 

There is this joy and the smile, we are left behind with, like only music and give it to you. Cherish the notes and you will finally know: Post Rock comes from and is for the heart.