40+ Years and still down-to-earth Idols 

Dead Kennedys, Die Böslinge

„40 (+2) Years Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables“ European Tour 2022 presented by Solarpenguin Agency and MP Tour Management, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20220811

Two bad new arrive during this Thursday from the house of Barracuda Music, as RATM and Wolfmother cancelled their tours. But earlier this week, Pentagram, D.R.I. and Misery Index played at your favorite venues, and tonight, fans of the very primary (Hardcore) Punk can celebrate their icons.

First, the local pioneers Die Böslinge rant about everything, especially the police and politics. Like Chaos, they evolved in the late 70s, and that can be heard in the music. „I Bin A Bösling“ ends like „Disorder“ by The Exploited, while e.g. „Haut’s Eam Nieda“ has a rough Motörhead impact. The set even features two brand-new songs: „Krieg ist Mord“ and „Los mi in Ruah“. Instead of smartphone-selfies, they take pictures of the audience with a digital camera, and at the end, they place a „Discoscheißer“-cover. „Scheiß mi an“, like an amazed viewer comments the show after..

Like „Es is zum scheissn“ draws a picture of the Viennese scene, „Fresh Fruit for Rotting Eyeballs“ tells the story of the over 40 year old debut of the Dead Kennedys. They get listed with likes of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Descendents and don’t seem to be willing to stop touring. So they appeared at the WUK three years ago, and now again at the Arena. Singer Skip tells about good and bad ideas and asks the crowd to judge themselves for „Kill The Poor“. Also Austria is the Canada of Germany, he jokes. Of course, their set includes a wonderful version of „Too Drunk To Fuck“ and the hits „Nazi Punks Fuck Off“, „California Über Alles“, „Viva Las Vegas“ and „Holiday in Cambodia“. After this sweaty live action, the pleased Punk Rock community enjoys the fresh air outside and even has the opportunity to meet their heroes face to face.