The Jump (EP 2023)

Deeper Dan

Hard Groove Blues Rock R’n’B Soul Pop

Have you ever dreamed you’re falling off a mountain or cliff and shortly before the landing, you wake up? Or have you even experienced the feeling of free falling like when bungee jumping or skydiving? On their latest EP, a French Bluesrock quartet treats exactly this ‚„big jump“, moment of instability between 2 states‘. 

It is not Danger Dan nor Steely Dan but Deeper Dan. They come from Coutances on Cotentin Peninsula, not far from the English Channel and the Channel Islands. They recorded and mixed „The Jump“ at „l’étourneur“ studio and mastered it at 5 inch studio. On the artwork by Rorold, the view stares down a cliff to the waves of the deep blue sea, while the logo is placed in the lower part. 

After „Deluxe Pomade“ and „DAN“, this EP marks the third release, starting relaxed and with smooth guitarwork in „Me & you Champagne“. It has a lot from the old guard but young examples come up too like Churchpenny Allstars, Raze or their countrymen Lady’Stealer with a pinch of Lenny Kravitz

The distorted Psych beginning of „The Shutdown“ takes into a movie like the soundtrack of „Piedone Lo Sbirro“, with a Stoner Rock impact but dreamy as well. Deeper Dan then pick up the pace in „The Sick Party“, a danceable one with R’n’B vibes like Craig David

This continues in „Why can’t you see it?“ with its singer-songwriter main theme like gab&gal and solo part like Carlos Santana. The final rampantRampage ON“ introduces a cool lick like Dire Straits, Nazareth or Graveyard. Deeper Dan know what it’s like to sing the blues and how to arrange the patterns the American way. Because how Bankrupt already established, ‚it’s not the fall that matters, it’s how you land.‘