Return To The Basement Sound To The Ceiling

Karl Bierbaumer, The Great Gray Funk, Masters Of Schlamassel, Endorfin, Slither

Rock The Replugged presented by Metal/Rock for Austria, Replugged Vienna, Austria 20230915

Holidays are over and the amount of events explodes. This Friday, Stellaccord, The Soundheads, Six-Score, Amber Road and Texta are just some of the artists who play throught the city. Situated in Lerchenfelder Straße like the Shebeen, Prosecco Bar and many others, the Replugged presents Rock The Replugged supported by Metal/Rock for Austria.

As they have five bands on the billing, Slither (like the Velvet Revolver song) have to start quite early on time. The three-piece has shared the stage with e.g. Roadwolf already and plays a vibrant blend of Heavy Thrash Metal and Hard Punk Rock. Their songs talk about temptations, civil war like Motörhead and Guns n’ Roses, whisky, Rock’n’Roll and rolling the dice. Metallica send their regars also in fantastic solos and as they host a ‚Affenzirkus‘, the drums dash off. 

Hailing from Wiener Neustadt, The Endorfin present cool Alternative Rock with the drummer of Bioglycerin on the rhythm machine. In classic line-up of bass, drums, guitar and vocals, they treat schizophrenia and go off in resurrection. With Masters of Schlamassel, a Stoner Metal Punk Rock monster follows that appeared with Out Of Nothing for example. Wearing colourful shirts, they show good humor paired with speedy music. They sing about nothing, things worth living, Vienna and stoner hunger and are good for one’s own salvation. 

Band number four recently released its Dark Rock self-titled debut via StoneFree Records. The Great Gray Funk promoted it on several shows and also this night, they proof that they can recreate the great atmosphere live. Splendid guitar word and the voice of Yola Zitter make songs like „Eritis Sicut Deus“ in double feature with „Faceless“ that special. And their year ain’t done as they will play unplugged at LP Café like Ruhmer soon and at Postamt F23

Finally Karl Bierbaumer smashs it together with Johann Weck and Marco Reutterer. The classic Hard Rock gets a move, no matter if it ‚Ain’t gone well‘, it makes ‚feel alright‘. A fantastic finish, before the evening fades at Morgenstern, while the Replugged will host Zabranjeno Pušenje soon.