Yet Another Time, Another Place

Jumping Jack Flash, Nema, Penetrante Sorte, Samt

Deine Mutter Music Doppelreleaseparty, Badeschiff, Vienna, Austria 20210911

The big music Saturday night continues. As the Waves Festival already had a lot to offer, another special highlight that truly is something of rarity is awaiting at the Badeschiff at the Donaukanal presented by Deine Mutter Records.

A tram takes us from the ninth district to the Schwedenplatz. The bar is already open, but most people including the artists are outside, while Ikea is having a company party above. But as DJ King takes over the turntables, the double release party is about to begin.

As support acts, the audience gets Rap in the dialect of the West, from Vorarlberg. Number one is Samt, getting the crowd on his side already with tracks like “Unsterblich in da Kunst”. Number two is Phil Fin, who collaborated e.g. with DMC or Kid Pex and together with DJ King they are Penetrante Sorte.

From the list of hits, they perform “V-Style”, “Deine Mutter”, “Nägel mit Köpf”, “I suf (Mohrenbräu)”, “Beschte” and “Ghörig” amongst others. After this awesome warm-up, everyone is ready for the actual release shows. As first one, Nema a.k.a. N.B. Saraceeno presents his mixtape “Uno… Due… Mikrofon Hawara”.

The lyrics in Italian are appealing like the ones of Lucariello from Naples for example. Like it is usual in Hip Hop, feature acts appear on stage too or at least can be heard like A.geh Wirklich?. The same applies to the final live act Jumping Jack Flash, presenting his LP “Word Up!” (entitled like the great Cameo song).

So even Samt joins another time for “Maskenball” and another interesting feature on the record is Smif-N-Wessun. As this great live shows are finished, outside some more freestyles can be witnessed. The location obviously is suitable for Rap, but soon DuoLia. and more will be heard there as well. And the aftershow party of this music night can be celebrated nearby at venues like the Slammer Bar.