Implausible and Worthy

Empty Wallet And The Dead Wallstreeters, 90

Local Tuesdays presented by NoBack Booking, Coco Bar Wien 20210914

It’s a busy week for NoBack Booking again with acts like Thanks4Nothing (who will soon appear at replugged with Throwing Shade and more) on the schedule. And it starts with a Local Tuesday at Coco Bar with the Boxican from The Soundheads as booking manager, once again with an old acquaintance playing the second slot.

But first it is time to discover a new group, just for what these kind of gigs are created for as it seems. 90, simply as the number, is the name for an energetic Garage Punk formation, reminiscing of Helmet or Rollins Band. 90 is definitely a band which truly fired the feeling of joy when listening to some refreshing music. The statement was clear. Two chords basically are enough for them to create stunning arrangements. Singer and bassist are in TRS as well and their song “I don’t care” appears on the Musicjunky sampler as they tell. It gets emotional as they play “Suicide”, a song for a dead friend called Richie. Plus they include two covers: “Blow Um Mau Mau” and “Let There Be Rock”.

Then stuff gets really serious. As in one of those awkward moments, when somebody says a very lame joke and the whole room is filled with silence. Band manager, Scene Surfer, FFA bassist and Spontana co-founder Q has recruited drumming partner Marius to take the seat of Adam, who went to Spain for some time as they stated. Now Empty Wallet And The Dead Wallstreeters might be the most confusing, disgusting and scariest thing you could get live. Songs like “Jonny Gravemaster” or “Scheißegal” are missing power especially with the non-enthusiastic delivery. The suit can’t hide the real pretentious and untrue nature trying to fool the faithful listener. With beer in one hand and bottleneck in the other, the attitude doesn’t get more bearable. Luckily, there’s a collab cover of “I wanna be your dog” at the end with 90 and the drummer of I’m A Sloth.

Of course, you shouldn’t buy the last few lines, as it is intended merely as a joke. Still, we recommend to see the ferocious three-piece yourself, e.g. with The Zsa Zsa Gabor’s and The Rumperts at Escape. Because this show is a gathering of friends, with love for music and for each other and always open for something new. So Onkel Gusta is a guest this night, and soon for example Out Of Nothing will show their skills at a Local Tuesday. That the Leoniden couldn’t play this day is a pity, but a intimate concert like this offers additional qualities.