A Show To Go

Waves Festival – Day 3

WUK and Canisiuschurch Krypta and Pfarrsaal, Vienna, Austria 20210911

It’s a warm late summer weekend, when the cities are full of music. Cadû celebrate their Vinylrelease, the Loftival and Donaukanaltreiben are on, as well as the StoneBreak, Take the A-Train and Nova Rock Encore and the Waves Festival.

The organizers have their headquarter at the WUK, but concerts are at the Canisius church and Clash too. So Ruhmer for example played at the Krypta already on Friday. Saturday starts with Earl Mobley at the big hall of the WUK, venue for e.g. Silent Disco or HFTS. The band name is adapted from the fabulous “Jazzclub”, and the music is smooth and dynamic.

At the same time at the Beisl, Gaisma is doing a great one-woman-show, singing to her danceable beats. Just a little bit later, Kids In Cages start at the Foyer. Hailing from Liechtenstein, they tell it is beautiful but bad for musicians and ask, if someone knows a band. But there are some, like More Eats or Vertigo or Taped, featuring KiC-frontman Finlay, and they even have a Metal festival.

The next location switch takes us to the Krypta, where Mordái perform their variations of traditional Hungarian folk and originals. Their cool show fits perfectly in the sacred hall with its natural reverb. Meanwhile GØRL could be seen at the Pfarrsaal and Ivan Grobenski starts at the Curch itself.

The following performance at the Pfarrsaal is the main happening for this final festival day. Greyshadow, raised from the baptism by Gregor Wessely, is his own musical therapy as he tells. The huge refrains are wonderfully accompanied by the band, for which he takes time to introduce to the audience.

Fast”, “Sway” and “A Higher Place” are just some of the great songs in the set. Later, Loeweloewe would play as well, but we had already to leave for yet another show..