Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy (EP 2020)


Crust, Sludgemetal, Noise-Rock

In the very south of the US, at a river named Mississippi, once a musical style emerged. It was given the title Sludge. And like TarLung, who just released new songs too, another band represents this style in Austria.

The talk is of desolat, who already shared the stage with TarLung. It is the new band of former Cyruss, who have been around since 2004 at e.g. Doom Over Vienna and with acts like Bongzilla and Sativa Root, and should have played at the “30 Jahre Explosiv” film premiere (performing E.M.S. and Kurort as well).

Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy” is the second EP after “Shareholder Of Shit”. desolat recorded at Cosmix Studios and celebrated the release via Bloodshed666 Records with an Arena Beisl Open Air.  The description compares them to Neurosis, Unsane, Dismember, Discharge and Iron Monkey, but yet there is more.

Song number one “Nuclear Extinction to Human Civilisation” reminds of visions like “Iron Sky”. Slow and heavy the riffs lay the groundwork for the rant. The guitar is on overdrive and in a bridge part even gets a blackened touch with some whispering. The production is great, as guitars, drums and singing all together might let your speaker explode.

The speed level increases in the title track and gets to a peak in “The Bureaucrat” like Crowbar’sCemetery Angel”. “Waste Of Life” swings from the Sludge bit more to Crust before the final tune “Dreams Of Slaughtered Yuppies Under Starlit Night Skies”. Like earlier already, samples of voices can be heard like e.g. Ministry brings them in too.

Those are in fine contrast to the singing, and the guitar delivers little highlights again as well. The artwork by Lisl Matzer is a satirical caricature of Austrian archetypes in Monty Python / Manfred Deix style. desolat stand in the tradition of Eyehategod, CoC and Gates Of Slumber and transitioned it to a critical view of the alps country.