The Pirate’s Lobotomy Rehearsal


Live At Home YouTube Stream, Rehearsal Room, Austria 20210326

The online music scene is broiling. Herman Li of Dragonforce does virtual shred jams with members of Testament, Steel Panther, Alice Cooper and more for Jason Becker. Stator and Florine and the Machine collect for the SOS Balkanroute, which currently has a base at the Arena. And the Roadburn Festival will be on the web again with likes of Primitive Man, Kairon; IRSE!, The Devil’s Trade and Hexvessel as well as Weezer.

On the same day as the Black Peaks, Glue Crew will stream too, with whom Discorrected will share the stage at the Pirates Days next to Rebell Bagatell, Here For A Reason, Far From Autumn, Deadends and more. But before, the Punk outfit decided to capture a live session at the rehearsal room and give it to public via YouTube. Within half an hour, they give a great inside look into their work, that follows clear guidelines: “crafting imperfection” and “do what we love”.

Ten songs they manage to fit into the time window, counting the introduction, that nails it already the Offspring style. “Nothing Remains” in the very beginning reminds of “Black Betty”, while the next title “Lobotomy” makes think of Def Ill. It is one highlight, with varying parts getting close to Blues Rock of The Raconteurs, to Reggae to even Heavy Metal. The next two songs, Discorrected recorded for their “Demontape”, they produced DIY in the tradition of tape trading.

While “Wisdom” has something of Sublime, “Frustration” is more heavy again with Hardcore impact. After dealing with a known problem in “International Train Delay”, the next highlight is “Way Back In”, for which NiceGuys Media produced a lyric video. In “Darkness”, they slow down the pace, before an insert of “The Pirates” announces “Part of the Ship”, one of Alestorm’s favourite topics.

It merges greatly into the final “Counting The Days”, the emotional closer with solo. The high quality session scores with two camera perspectives and great sound. And soon Discorrected will be online again via the Tunnel Livestream.