Hotshot (Acoustic) – Single 2021


Alternative Acoustic Punk Rock

There is this phenomenon, that known songs with new instruments and arrangements can suddenly get a whole different feeling, possibly belong to a whole different genre. So one Viennese band decided to re-record their first single to show how they can vary.

Alternative Punk Rockers FLEKS (not to confuse with the Flex) follow the paths of other bands, which did alternate remixes like Limp Bizkit, Monster Magnet or Bon Jovi. In 2020, they have released their debut “Color TV” featuring songs like “Mexican Standoff” and “Street Lights”. On the album, they willfully mixed edgy guitar sound like Danko Jones with fun like Bloodhound Gang and a funky drive of RATM or Dog Eat Dog.

Now the original version of “Hotshot” featured the scratchy guitar in a riff similar to “Go With The Flow”, sounding naughty like Feud. The singing line combined the attitude of the Beatsteaks with a touch of Linkin Park. And in the music video, the band battles three yuppies played by themselves burning down their car.

The title probably comes from the films with Charlie Sheen. After playing those, his time of serious movies like “Platoon” or “Made Of Steel” was basically over, and he did mostly comedies like “Money Talks” and the sitcom “Two And A Half Men”. The lyrics of the song talk about a c-list celebrity that is fallen and longing for attention.

That the song is something different now, you learn in the very first second, as it could lead to a Pop tune or maybe The Prodigy. The voice is different too, now bit more like Itchy. Later the acoustic guitar makes think of unplugged sessions by Sevendust and Seether, or songs by the Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down and Puddle Of Mudd.

In the first part of the chorus, the bass and a tambourine are enough, and a nice transition leads to the second verse, thinking of Jackson United. Like this, the alternate version turned out pretty cool. The original is still there, but handsomely modified and arranged.