My exploded school day band is different

Die Ärzte

„Herbst des Lebens“-Tour 2023 Diesmal ohne Hunde & Pferde … presented by Barracuda Music & KKT, Arena Wien Open Air, Austria 20230830

Since touring got more expensive and difficult, concerts and tours often are announced more than a year before and sold out immediately. But sometimes surprises happen. And so a band out there since 41 years, that just headlined the biggest two festival NovaRock and Frequency, return for two sold out Arena Open Airs presented by Barracuda Music

The name of this spontaneous band is Die Ärzte, performing three hours and forty songs straight is their game. A curtain hides them in the beginning. As it falls, a big „Ä“ made from spots appears and walls of amps. „Wer verliert hat schon verloren“ is the first song from their 2020 record „Hell“. „Der Misanthrop“ from „Planet Punk“ and „Ein Sommer nur für mich“ are early older highlights. 

After more new ones like „Ich, am Strand“, a block of three songs in the middle turns out as personal highlight, especially as those weren’t played the day before: „Ignorama“ they end with „Mahna Mahna“, stating that infaltility helps to stay young. Romance rises with „1/2 Lovesong“ and „Anti-Zombie“ destroys it right away. 

In „Dunkel“, the title track of their latest album, the „uh-uh“ choir of reminds of „M&F“. Air-bananas and drum-sticks fly all the time, as they tell that some politicians forgot what democracy is and still people vote for them before „Trick 17 m. S.“ Also the name Roland Kaiser is mentioned several times, until „Unrockbar“ ends set one. 

More htis from „Geräusch“ follow with „Deine Schuld“ and „Dinge von denen“. DÄ believe that they got famous, because they are funny and come to the final with songs like „Junge“ and „Schrei nach Liebe“. Compared to day one, „Meine Freunde“, „Der Graf“, „Langweilig“, „Die traurige Ballade von Susi Spakowski“, „Angeber“ and more are missing. 

But in this 40 years spanning career, everyone would find more favorites like „Rebell“, „Schunder-Song“, „Westerland“ or „Zu spät“. DÄ do their best to fit as much as they can into these three hours, so new and old fans can go home happily.