The Art Of Replay

Morgenstern, Kilmister

Rock Tribute presented by Star Event and powered by Frastanzer at Vabrik Röthis, Austria 20230826

Two good reasons beckon to travel to rainy Vorarlberg this end of August: One is to enjoy the powerful songs of a legendary Rock band live again. The other is the venue, the former Dos Manos or K-Shake, now Vabrik and soon Shake Clubbing again. Many of the guests might have spent up to three days a week here or witnessed a concert by likes of Vertigo, Second Relation, Beast Of Prey or Bada

Like back then, Star Event invites to an Open Air Rock Tribute show, that has to move inside the former Alternative floor due to the bad weather conditions during the day and later that night. While original Motörhead member Phil Campbell is touring with a new record and other tribute bands like Bömbers, The Röad Crew and Mostörhead are out as well, Thin Lem, J.P. Woodtli and Steve Gasser (ex-Celtic Frost!) from Switzerland are on at Vabrik.

The two bass drums and Murder One amp catch the eye immediately. Kilmister not only live the sound but come close to the heroes visually too. They start their set with the classics „Doctor Rock“, „Stay Clean“ and „No Class“. With „Iron Fist“, they get to the regular speed. A relatively rare live highlight is „Overnight Senstation“ followed by „Hellraiser“. As unfortunately the sound is not perfect, the voice often is unclear, but „In The Name Of Tragedy“ or the surprising first encore „Eat The Rich“ still are true Motörheadbangers, before the final obligatory „Overkill“. 

As second act, Morgenstern was booked. Coming from Lugano, Switzerland as well and active since 2010, they do own songs next to Rammstein ones. After the latest more than morally problematic incidents, even this concert gets a stale aftertaste. But already before the first accusations, they declared in an interview, that maybe they ‚never really were‘ a tribute band but ‚always had our own personality and it’s time to become the real thing‘ and deliver an energetic show with sparkles.