The Vast Of Night (Single 2023)

Mars Addict

Punk Rock’n’Roll

Movies are inspiring. For musicians and the other way around. While in mainstream cinema „Oppenheimer“ and „Barbie“ deliver the battle of the year, independent author Philipp Jedicke releases a splendid scene portrait with „Vienna Calling“. On the other side, the legendary Spencer / Hill films serve as template for Ben Blutzukker, Earthset approach the next silent one and a Brazilian combo reveals itself as Sci-Fi enthusiastic. 

Mars Addict might have taken their band name from the 90s comedy „Mars Attacks“. Formed in São Paulo, one of the biggest metropolitan areas on our planet, the bandmembers are now spread over the world. Nevertheless, they managed to release their follow-up single after their album „Lamecoaster“ and their acoustic gift „Unplugged Noise“.

Based on the movie „The Vast of Night“, they took the same name for their song title. In contrast to their origin, they are fascinated by the ‚tension and mistery behind an unexpected event in a quiet and small city‘. Director Andrew Patterson used long dollie shots, just like Gus Van Sant in „Elephant“, whereas the topic brings up likes of „A Quiet Place“. 

The song itself starts without further ado with a memorable lick and a special sound. The verse and the voice in it make think of Hungarian melodic Punkrock revolutionists Bankrupt. Alien noises remind of „Independence Day“, „Signs“ or „Predator“ while the overall drive has a similar feeling as SBAM acts or likes of Jimmy Eat World, Millencolin, Pennywise and Sum 41

Radio filtert voices and the Lagwagon refrain kicks in, after which the lick returns. A dynamic middle part leads to the peak and at the end, an uh-uh choir part lets the song and sound fade out. The excitingly strange mood of the movie has transformed to a musical piece, while visually the cover features a lonely person at a shore where a raft floats and an UFO seems to arrive like in „The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid“.