Fine Humour and Critical Reflection

Die Botschatn, John Klirr

Café Carina Wien, Austria 20191024

There are bands, which manage to play often and can be seen around in short intervals. And there are others, which are hard to catch live, as they rarely perform. One of these rather infrequent shows went down this Thursday at the cozy Café Carina, while Parasol Caravan rock the Arena and New UrengoY the Galerie am Roten Hof.

The last time, they played at the very place at the Gürtel Nightwalk with Churchpenny Allstars amongst others and before with Wir & Jetzt. This time, John Klirr opens the evening. Just one week ago, he released his record “Neckbreak and Bracelets” at the B72. His marvelous Blues and Folk reminds of legendary Johnny Cash as well as of Conny Ochs. On stage, he gets supported by drums and an acoustic bass, the greatly accord with his Gretsch guitar. Between the songs he shows his humour like with this story: A guy compared him with a camel with two humps. As he questioned why, he was told to not distract from the topic. Sometimes later, when he bought a boulevard newspaper, he realized, that this comparison was as valuable as his reading.

Not only the drummer “Mr. Doubleshow” played both sets, also John could win Die Botschatn guitarist Daniel for one song. Then the Schock’n’Roll band itself gets on stage, starting it all with a great intro jam. Singer Patrik joins with an announcement and an operated cruciate ligament. The humour of this band is known anyway. Like this, Patrik introduces a song about hiding corpses with a “saying”, that “who in his cellar can’t count any body, probably is missing his booty.” They also sing about learning sheet music and tell that they like to play concerts at the former G-Punkt, now Damenspitz. A big highlight is their song that deals with the Ibizagate from the perspective of the protagonist. The set comes to an end with “Herzweh”, “Es wird die Zeit kommen” and “Daniel, play your song:” “Ois hot sei End”.