Cut the Cord and Swim

OK Kid, Dissy

Lügenhits & Happy Endings Tour Live 2019 presented by Spoon Agency, Der Bomber der Herzen, radio FM4, JUICE Magazin, Deutschlandfunk Novas and DIFFUS Magazin, Ottakringer Brauerei Wien, Austria 20191026

And again the Ottakringer Brauerei hosts a Hip Hop concert. Those concrete walls and steel columns just appear to have the right flair. After the old school acts Samy Deluxe and Kool Savas, a young representative arrived to party the modern way.

Support comes from Dissy from Berlin. The heavy beats of the masked DJ flow through the cement and let the floor quake so you can feel it vibrate to the peak of your nose. The rapper worked with acts like Clueso and titles like “Sie kommen in der Nacht”, “Peter Parker” that talks about being a failure, the Blumentopf cover and “Die Welt ist böse” stay in mind. Unfortunately even so the sound is big, it also is not very crisp, what makes it hard to understand the lyrics.

But that will be better when OK Kid play their set. They could convince at the Nova Rock already. Now they are back with new material from “Sensation” and “Woodkids”, which they decided to completely produce DIY. Amongst other things, they just released “E05 Im Westen” starring Wilson Gonsalez Ochsenknecht, who appeared in Lords Of Chaos. What is the “Lügnershow” for Scheibsta is “Lügenhits” for Jona:S and his boys. The third song is the impressive “Unterwasserliebe” and in the great “E07 Nur wir drei” they recall their own history. Other tunes are “Grundlos”, “Bombay Calling”, “Euforia”, “Gute Menschen” and “Stadt ohne Meer”. At one point, Jona:S goes crowdsurfing to get to the very back and perform there. Like at the festival, where the backdrop showed the victory-sign, the stage design again is simple but remarkable figures and accented lighting. For their common hit “Atme die Stadt”, Gerard gets on stage too under the applaud of the fans. And after the encore and it is finished, the band comes back to sweep and perform one last song.