Effectful Show and Intense Sound

Gospel Dating Service, Krayne

“Sun Over Moon” Release Show presented by Ink Music and töchtersöhne, Flex Café Wien, Austria 20191023


The Flex Café in the inner city of Vienna proofs again, that it is a sweet spot to celebrate. Rumours tell, that the drummer of Oehl, who just toured with Herbert Grönemeyer and played in front of over 50 000 people, will be playing this night. The reason is the release of a second full-length entitled “Sun Over Moon”.

But first, the supporters named Krayne present their set. Like their influences they name range from Classic, Rock, Crossover to Hip Hop and Pop, their songs vary from groovy Funk to Soul to Stadium Rock. Their show appears cool and casual in the best way. And even though they mix all the styles, they have a high recognition value, getting obvious in songs like “Need 2 Please U” from the debut EP “Strike”, they already presented at the kick-off show of their fall tour with The Fictionplay.

Then the rumours get approved as David Ruhmer gets on stage with Gospel Dating Service. Their promotion tour for the new album will lead them not only to e.g. the Rockhouse in Salzburg but also again to the Carinisaal in Vorarlberg after the Remise in January. In their set, they manage to build a beautiful arc of suspense. They start off slowly, but the third song already is the fast “Red”. Highlights from the new material are “Flower” and “Rip Roto”, that even let a headbanger’s hair fly. Time flies by too quick anyway and all of the sudden they already play their encores “Western Gold”, “Like Wolves” and “Amazing”. The yellow-orange LED light in the back gives a warm stage design, but the permanent fog makes it hard to see the drummer himself. As guests, the band invites producer and Milk+ musician David Furrer and Aunty on the stage, and the way singer Christoph shakes his rattles is one simple but effectful show element.