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Dream Noir

Live Stream vom Kulturnetz Hernals Sonntagskind #11 presented by Echoraeume, Kulturcafé Max Wien – (Contemporary) Shizzle Homebase und Vereinslokal Wien, Austria 20201122


As live concerts are not possible again, more performances can be found on TV and online. Julian Le Play presents likes of Oska and Onk Lou who made a documentary as well on Sat1 and Andre Heller hosts living rooms concerts on ORFIII. And from the Shizzle homebase in Vienna, the KNH sends out special moments to the world wide web.

David Furrer is very successful in music production with his very own Aurora Studios. Acts listed are e.g. The Fictionplay, Those Goddamn Hippies, Ruhmer and Yakata. Apart from that, he is involved in the projects Milk+ and Sun Yoto. With Dream Noir, he brings a brand-new one to the stage. While the name makes think of film noir and neo-noir like “The Third Man” and “Le samourai”, the sound is a combination of Singer-Songwriter and Pop, bringing “melancholic serenity”.

The presentation in the beginning of the stream is by Joana Karácsonyi, who might be known from Alpine Dweller (part of Sounds Like Van Spirit) and aNNika. In a beautiful dark place, where a bulb is the only visible light, the three actors sit in silence. In the back, a nice bike can be seen. Then, Stephi Weninger, who was part of “Spaces 2.0”, starts the session on the keys.

A multi-camera setup follows the musical happening. The soft sound is carried by the two voices of David and Eva Prosek. An attracting acoustic guitar and the piano mostly are enough for the instrumental part. Just sometimes, Eva adds some synth, snipping and at one point she holds a tape recorder to the microphone.

The lyrics speak of what we have, the fear to fall, desire and “dancing and moving with all your senses”. An overall well-made streaming experience, with wonderful musicians in focus, with high quality sound and appealing visual composition.