Where the sound comes from

Lovely Days Festival 2017

Schlosspark Esterhazy, Eisenstadt, Austria 2017-07-08

Every year the Schlosspark Esterhazy in Eisenstadt turns into a concert location for two days. On the first day, the Nova Jazz & Blues Night takes place, and on the second, the Lovely Days Festival presents legends of rock history.

Jethro Tull, Iron Butterfly, Ten Years After are just a few who played the stage before. This year the day starts with Edgar Broughton, followed by The Levellers, who make the people dance in the heat with their Folk-Punk. Then Canned Heat take the crowd back to Woodstock 1969 with “Going All Up The Country”. Playing this blues since over 50 years, they exemplify, where the sound from current stars like The Black Keys comes from.

The following gig of Kris Kirstofferson might be nice musically, but for many too soft for this time slot. A glance to the Forestglade Acoustic Stage inside the castle reveals, that the Haydn hall is a wonderful room, but with very bad acoustics. So it was a very nice idea to let the Forestglade Festival live again on this stage, but maybe it is possible to find a better place for the future. Outside The Doors Alive do a great job performing delicacies like “Touch Me”.

And then it is time for one of the most impressive shows of the year. Uriah Heep is an almighty institution. From “Gipsy”, “The Law” from “Outsider” to “Lady in Black” and “Easy Livin’”, the songs rock live like hell. Their companions from Nazareth and even Deep Purple cannot reach this powerful performance.

The last act is Zucchero, playing a lot of romantic songs and rocking with tracks like “Baila”. That it took really long to get a drink is something they will hopefully improve the next time too. In the end it is a lovely place with lovely bands and a lovely audience, equal a lovely festival.