Folk And Speed To Party

Dropkick Murphys, Pennywise, The Rumjacks, Jesse Ahern

Europe 2023 Tour presented by Mind Over Matter Music / Barracuda Music and radio 88.6, Stadthalle Wien – Halle D, Austria 20230201

Just one day before, with the UK Subs, a Punkrock legend said their last goodbye to the stages of Vienna. And while Fleks and Ellyster hit the stage of the Chelsea like Greyshadow will on Saturday, another Celtic Folk Punk and Melodic Hardcore show goes down at Wiener Stadthalle.

As it is often the case, the first act is a solo singer-songwriter. Jesse Ahern enjoys to play early and to connect with the audience, talking about kids before „Daughter & Sons“ and laughing about people eating popcorn. Johnny comes to fix the kickdrum and Jesse plays the harmonica as well on songs like „Just A Moment“ or The Clash’sBankrobber“.

The Rumperts would have been a wonderful local support, but band number two are The Rumjacks from Sidney, Australia. The front of stage is still open, as it is first come, first serve. So it is possible to watch the flute and mandolin playing closely, while the pit opens in the back to tunes like „Light In My Shadow“.

Pennywise named after the character from „It“ not only rock at Punk In Drublic but at Stadthalle as well. Songs like „Fight Till You Die“, „Fuck Authority“ and „Bro Hymn“ are hymns for generations as a glimpse around oneself shows. Before performing Bad Religion’sDo What You Want“, they tell about their heroes from Black Flag, Descendents and Circle Jerks

Tonight’s headliner are Dropkick Murphys, who played e.g. at Nova Rock or toured with Flogging Molly. Big tracks like „The Boys Are Back“, the first ever written „Barroom Hero“, „The State Of Massachusetts“ or „The Last One“ from their latest album hunt each other.

Their variation of „M.T.A.“ known from „Malcolm“ from their debut follows, and among the final five are „I’m Shipping Up To Boston“, „Rose Tattoo“ and „Worker’s Song“ featuring Jesse Ahern. All in all, it is a great party with bagpipe and banjo, headbanging and confetti.