Positive cold shivers of screams and silence down your spine

Katatonia, Sólstafir, SOM

Twilight Burials UK & Europe Tour presented by Mind Over Matter Music, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230129

The concert train keeps a-rollin’ this weekend with Cousines Like Shit, Mary-Ann Kiefer, Disillusion and others. From all opportunities, the way leads to Arena on Sunday, to experience a wonderful melancholic live show (again).

From the Beisl comes Motörhead, while in the big hall, a mix of RHCP and Stealers Wheel welcomes the guests. A hole bunch of photographers featuring likes of Thomas Ranner and Andreas Graf awaits the beginning. A dark hum let the floor rumble, as the four members of SOM from the US (not to confuse with Soen) get together on stage for a fistbump. 

Probably due to the day of the week, they have to repeat their question: „Are you sure you’re good?“ But then their atmospheric and progressive sound manages to convince and underlines that they are the perfect addition for this tour package. Because up next is Sólstafir from Island. They been here before, but meanwhile „Endless Twilight of Condependent Love“ came out, where „Rökkur“ gives goosebumps like older ones as „Köld“. 

Coming from the dark to the heavy parts, the light changes from blue to red. Singer Aðalbjörn Tryggvason then even climbs along the fence watching his crowd intensely, presenting themselves close to the audience like their countrymen Árstíðir. Those vibes then maintain, while the roadies in Watain and Skálmöld merch do the change over for the final act.

Katatonia from Sweden have a new output as well. In their set, „Colossal Shade“, „Birds“ and „Opaline“ from the latest „Sky Void of Stars“, „Lethean“ from „Dead End Kings“ and „My Twin“ from „The Great Cold Distance“ are among the highlights. 

Their general vibe and stage performance in the fog makes think of likes of Insomnium, Dool and Unto Others. With the gloomy atmosphere of their sound, it is no wonder, that the YouTube DJ at the office plays them right after Sólstafir as well.