Effects and Heaviness that could last

Elephant, Stone Dead Crooks

„Liechtenstein“ Album Release Show presented by Sarah Bart Records, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20190311


The local Stoner Psychedelic Fuzz Drone Doom Sludge Rock and Metal scene is broiling. Names like Mothers of the Land, Triptonus, The Heavy Minds, Tokan, Cadû, Half Baked Cheese, Prototyper, The Black Bones, Ultima Radio, Great Rift, Savanah, TarLung, Mother’s Cake, Squared Timber, Mind’s Garden, Ozymandias, Phobos, Intra and more keep it more than alive and always support each other. And some found together at Sarah Bart Records.

Two of them make this week start greatly inside the venerable walls of the Kramladen, that was just host of an awesome Punk Rock night with Red Car Burns and Deadends a week ago. Also this evening, the small entry alone should be enough reason to visit the concert. Nine euro standard, seven if you have accepted the Facebook event and fifteen convince to get inside plus get one of the limited 26 handmade CDs of the album “Liechtenstein”, that was released that day.

Stone Dead Crooks are the support for this day to celebrate. Catchy riffs, pithy drums and remarkable melodies are their USP. Therefore they are easier accessable even without knowing them. Their friendly appearance does the rest. They don’t talk to much what is not necessary and when the audience can smile with them. Technical problems they solve easily and even though they don’t nail the new tune, it is also one convincing piece of music and performance as well.

Band number two and masters of the ceremony are Elephant. Now their sound might be a matter of taste, but that two of them wear a SunnO))) shirt should tell everything. They definitely orient themselves at this live experience, what means most of the time you cannot see much because of the haze. They start the show by operating their synthesizer and effects for several minutes reminding of No!Mozzart. Then it merges into the Drone phenomenon they promise, before coming back to the effect play again. And it is good to have a clear end, still it would have been great to enjoy this intense feeling of sound for longer.