The Search For A Successor

Splush., Kaleidoscope Mind

Café Carina Wien, Austria 20190315


The Gürtel in Vienna provides several opportunities for spontaneous concert visits. And for this Friday, the Café Carina looks like the perfect decision again, thinking back to amazing Churchpenny Allstars with The Vintage Cinema Club and Iron Snag Joe.

Compared to that night one month ago, tonight’s line-up appears bit more homogeneous. Punctual at nine, the room is pretty much crowded with a conspicuous young audience plus the old familiar faces of the regular guests. Then the first band Kaleidoscope Mind gets on stage. Founded by two brothers, the band presents itself as one unit. Apart of a few rhythmical inaccuracies the performance is great, with a great movement and brilliant song writing like the first a cappella “Introduction” of their debut EP or their latest single “Distort”. When screaming, they even remind of classic Madsen or of other young formations like Amber Road.

As the bassist Rob of Kaleidoscope Mind changes to the drums, it is time for the second band: Splush. From the very laid back Indie Folk, the style changes to a dynamic Crossover direction, immediately making think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who played a huge concert at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt the very night). So far they released the single “Time Flies”, that the fans attending the show perfectly know how to sing with. This and many more songs consisting of funky riffs and catchy refrains make one looking forward for more shows and releases. Kind of continuing the heritage of the 90s in Vienna. Here For A Reason does it for Skate Punk like Blink-182 or Sum 41, and now it seems the city has found its successor of Alternative legends like Dog Eat Dog and H-Blockx.