United for No Reasons

Red Car Burns, Deadends

Kramladen Wien, Austria 20190305


The Kramladen, right between the Café Carina and the Rhiz. An amazing spot for small but great concerts, no matter whether it is Indie or Punk Rock like e.g. The Siknotes who made their visit with Money Left To Burn and Favorite Sons a year ago.

The chilled atmosphere makes it easy to wait for the bands to begin, while outside the wind is roaring. The first one comes from the roaring city of Graz, capital of Styria, the city the brings stickers to one’s mind from Shouting At Clouds. Deadends (consisting of formely Ants! and Astpai members) irritate a bit with their carnival costumes, as yes, it is Carneval’s Tuesday, still the glitter, squirrel’s tail, dragon wings and skunk hat don’t actually fit a Punk band… or maybe it is even more Punk? Anyway this first show gets one into the right mood, straight forward songs like the ones from Face To Face, crispy riffs, hard-hitting drums and a solid performance, they basically leave nothing to be desired.

Still the public rush is very limited, even though the entry is only seven euro. But for the small crowd Red Car Burns from Lodi, Italy gives everything. With Ants! they once released a split 7” via No Reason Records. Their artwork for “Different Rules” is available as beautiful posters (making think of the good old Black Flag ones or the Nag cover) and their latest split with Dead Bars on “toxic yellow” vinyl. Live songs like “Devil is in the room” lets you get into the flow. For the friendly group it is the last show of the tour, and one of them even has got to work the next day. But that doesn’t hold them from making this another awesome Punk Rock night at the Kramladen, while e.g. the next Drone evening will play SunnO))) enthusiasts and Øresund Space Collective sounding Elephant with Stone Dead Cross from Sarah Bart Records.