The Heat Of The Local Breed

Empty Wallet And The Dead Wallstreeters, Bipolar Penguins, Perfumed Garden

Local Tuesdays presented by NoBack Booking, Coco Bar, Vienna, Austria 20210607

While the air is burning in the concrete streets and European soccer championship slowly comes to its finals, NoBack Booking seize the opportunity of the situation getting better and hosts three bands for this Local Tuesday at the Coco Bar.

Arriving at the place on time, the soundcheck of Perfumed Garden already makes exciting for the following. The first tones remember of some Southern Rock like Black Stone Cherry, while the sound engineer greatly takes care of the details. The band talks of change while they seemingly arbitrary but skillful mix the styles of Rock. From laid back to Reggae, from Django atmosphere to Indie to riff-oriented, focus on solos and the voice, they make their fan base dance and knee and sit down as well.

Thinking about local acts, in some way they can be compared to Churchpenny Allstars. The second act is Bipolar Penguins, who bring the Grunge to the Punk. At a point they joke “This is a slower one…” – well, it wasn’t slow. Even though they can reduce the speed and then even have bit of a Beatles-charm in their music. A local analogy maybe would be I’m A Sloth, and to disband from this group, “Lust For Life” seems to be the perfect choice.

As last act for this Local Tuesday, Empty Wallet & The Dead Wallstreeters first of all darkens the place as the beautiful Radio amp of Q The Kid doesn’t seem to be compatible to the power supply system. But they switch and the final demolition can begin. Q takes advantage of the low stage to knee in front of it tormenting his guitar. He expresses his thanks to Coco and Carina as well, just to then mention he actually hates all people. But kind of suitable for “Schizophrenia”, he creates a touching moment, thanking his two band mates from the heart for sticking with him and NoBack and Far From Autumn boss Alfie. The energy and craziness of this band maybe can be compared to Mudfight or internationally Thee Drongos or Bad Brains. And what Q tells, there’s a lot to come, mentioning names like Spontana, Salamirecorder and Scene Surfers…