International family holding together

The Soundheads, Empty Wallet & The Wallstreeters

Presented by NoBack Booking at Café Carina Vienna, Austria 20201002

NoBack Booking works hard on bringing local bands on the local stages. After the trio Counter The Eulogy, Far From Autumn and Steve Nipples & The Crew at the Viper Room, they host two Punk-hearted bands at one of their favorite venues, the Café Carina.

Manuel of Empty Wallet & The Dead Wallstreeters recently started playing bass at Far From Autumn. With EWATDW, he plays strong Garage Punk that partly reminds of the Ramones. While he wears a “Listen To Slayer”-shirt, second singer and bassist Jonny Gravemaster shows her love for The Cramps. Both voices are used variably. In one of the most impressive songs “All I Care About Is Insta Sex And Money”, Manuel more or less holds a speech that he newly improvises every time. Similar to e.g. Chickenfoot or the Suicidal Tendencies cover of Body Count. The german “Es ist mir egal” is another hit, and at the end they even play a new one.

The main act this evening is the international formation The Soundheads. They start after a short break. Their set includes the “Vegetarian Song”, that reminds a bit of Green Day and Bankrupt, others of Green Jelly. Also they play songs about coffee and Punk Rock and a one-night stand. For “Last Mexican Disaster” they shot a video with Distemper, Total Chaos and more at DasBACH and other locations, while singer Miguel wears a Brujeria shirt. The reason to be in a band is not the music or art they joke, but to get free drinks. As encore, they play three short “songs” in the manner of Napalm Death’sYou Suffer” entitled “One”, “Two”, “Three”. The final track is a cover of Molotov’s “Gimme Tha Power”. And for those who have missed this concert and the great atmosphere, both bands will be playing live again soon, presented by NoBack Booking.