Self Mosh Pit Time


Verftet Online Music Festival, USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway 20200401


The special situation those days brings up special events. And after the calm guitar music of The Boy I Used To Be on Tuesday, it is time for some heavy screaming Extreme Metal on Wednesday.

Even though the Verftet Online Music Festival in Bergen also brought up Kakkmaddafakka, today they are about to bring you some likes of Bathory and Summoning: Enslaved. Already beforehand, people from Canada to California to France are online and waiting for the countdown to end.

As it happens, the logo appears and a donation information. A short intro sequence follows, talking about band do play shows, so let’s party (with the drawing of Hunter S. Thompson in the back). You hear some grumbling, a hit of the drums and the inferno bursts out. Immediately it is clear, this stream is done perfectly well.

The light is bloody red with some snow squall, and the camera delivers beautiful tracking shots. The voice is as good to hear as the rest, which one comments with “Grutle is God”. Another one simple writes “moshpit”, what some for sure are having at home. Still reading comments during a concert feels bit weird.

“Welcome to this unusual show all over the world. I wish I could hear you.”, Grutle greets after “Ethica Odini”. The set is wonderfully meditative and spreads good vibes. It also includes true rarities like “The Dead Stare”, which they last played in 2006: “You looked it up? You cheated”, they joke. Also they wish 6-year-old Sonja a happy birthday before coming to – arms up – “Havenless”. It’s from “Below The Lights” as well: “You love the album even more than we do.”

Enslaved prove that they still are one of the most progressive and modern bands in their genre. Coming to their split EP with Emperor, they joke that it is older than Håkon Vinje (k). That final brings out again the most accurate comments: “MOSH” and “I almost broke my space heater. Self mosh pit time.”