Taking Care Of Monkey Business (2019)

Go! Go! Gorillo

Brutal Boogie


They are the musical Tarantinos of Austria, the Sergio Leones of the east. Together with Boogie Hammer they stand for exactly this genre: rough and dirty Brutal Boogie.

In 2015, Go! Go! Gorillo realeased their debut “King Kongs of Rock’nRoll”. Now they have their second LP out via monkey and Tempel Records (also Brewtality): “Taking Care Of Monkey Business”. Since they have been around many years already, they played at likes of Aera, U4 ATR or Das Wohnzimmer. But the release show they celebrated at the Arena.

This seems pretty suitable, thinking about the howling wind and bit gloomy atmosphere, that could be in the desert like the Titty Twister in “From Dusk Till Dawn” or the Industrial part of Vienna. A bawling guitar, a woman’s voice, crispy drums, spacey sound, church bells… “I Came To Kill You” already has everything you could think of including a great chorus. For “Like Lucifer” the band has made a very interesting video. The singing could even be Indie Rock, while the riff is more classic Airbourne, Nazareth and Danko Jones style. Very danceable Rock’nRoll. As addition you hear the famous horsemen quote and a cool solo part with percussion.

“Marvelous Butcher Maid” comes with speed, an Bon Scott analogy and even some classic R’n’R like Chuck Berry. The title track has a video too and some brass in it like Fabian Squinobal. It also has nice breaks and a rhythm section that pushes forward and makes one move until it explodes: “There’s no liberty.” The band also made a video for “Soaring with the eagles”, sounding similar to Jackson United with another nice bridge and pre-chorus. Just recently they released “As Dirty As A White Suit”, a video reference to “Enemy Of The State”, musically some danceable Blues style.

Coming to Blues, track number seven is the “Fake Blues”, with another cool riff and the fun fact in its title. “Your Hips My Lips” scores again a lot with the chorus, a piano solo and the repetitions at the end, using old patterns newly. The final “Bang Bang” is a cover of Nancy Sinatra, known from “Kill Bill” or Rap tunes like from Young Buck (G-Unit). Go! Go! Gorillo arranged it in their own style, with wonderful soft drums, evolving to the accomplishing slasher of one modern but classic R’n’R Boogie album.