Life Metronome (2019)

Marc Perin



Is it possible to give life a certain rhythm? Many circumstances tell the opposite. So maybe everyone has to find his own rhythm, his own beat and speed of life. A fingerstyle guitarist from South Tyrol living in Innsbruck found his own in this wonderful record.

At his adopted home, Marc Perin played at places like the p.m.k, the Tribaun and the Bäckerei. There he has also planned the record release show with aNNika for his first CD “Life Metronome”. Apart from other works with Perin & Barbossa and just recently Christa Le, he crafted eight songs that probably will convince fans of all guitar styles, from early Karl Scheit lessons of Valentin Hausmann over modern Andrew York to local heroes Peter Ratzenbeck, Michael Langer and young successors Thomas Ender, Chris May and Grisskram.

The title track starts off calmly with separate chords and a soft rhythm, growing to an even Metal-like (Angel’s Son) basement, ending in a distanced beat. Also the second song has a beautiful beginning as e.g. “Coil”. Like it’s name “Warm And Cozy” tells, it spreads a comfortable atmosphere and positivity, bringing in a rhythm to flip with. “Precious Days” just gets a new meaning these times. It scores with its creaking that makes it so organic. A comparatively minimalistic piece but very powerful indeed, nearly corny and moving to tears. The “Blue-Berry Blues” is what it promises, a laid-back cool and classic blues with everything it takes including sliding. Hans Theessink, Mick Hart and Aynsley Lister wouldn’t do it better.

Changing Whilst Searching” turns out to have a strong structure. A development from soft string harmonics to strong strumming, growing bigger as itself musically to finally fade out. The “Joy” is another feel-good song that makes the time fly by, while “Aqua Vera” not only has a nice video at Atelier Seiwald, but it is another formidable modern fingerpicking tune with all facets and high dynamic. The final “Strul” is very beat-oriented, close to flamenco and also making think of El Mariachi. “Life Metronome” is an excellent guitar album, bringing you a lot of positive vibes.