Ain’t No Saint (Album 2021)

Ewïg Frost

Hard Rock D-Beat Speed Thrash Black’n’Roll Metalpunk

There’s a beautiful dark horizon, which you can reach immediately with the speed and power of the new record of Vienna’s probably best live mixer. A sound-hero who makes the amps shout in perfect balance and loudness and now delivers a thrashing beast, out there to conquer the night.

Because with Ewïg Frost, Niitro releases a new album, completely written on his own, and available as Die-Hard Collectors Box Set. Some promo shots were taken by InesA Photography at the Rustensteg, where Phil Fin did a video as well. And musically, he gets support from notable acts Franz Fuexe, Skatapult, Throes, Brutecast, Vibratör, Mothers Of The Land, Dusk, Midnight, Boogie Hammer, Roadwolf, Reverend Backflash and Young Nails.

Another time, the catchy cover emanates from the pen of Dr. Knoche, underlining the proximity to Motörhead. And it comes down in the sound. The first single “Satan II” was released few months beforehand, featuring a post-apocalyptic music video, making think of visions of Tenacious D and games like Enemy Remains.

Full speed came with the second one, which is the album opener at the same time: “Into The Night”. The first song in dialect “In da Not” has a harmony like “Capricorn”, and for the second one “De Gier”, another great atmospheric music video was shot at the Viper Room. Another highlight is the very danceable “Bad Beat Boogie” being more of “Cat Scratch Fever”, before with “Back on Wheels” we’re back on the classic Motörhead “Bomber” or “Love Me Like A Reptile“.

In an interview with Slam, Niitro claimed that the album is made so you could here it in an infinite loop, starting fast, getting slower and getting fast again, and he is right. With Lukas Wiltschko on controls he follows known paths and sounds, but adding his own drive and a fresh wind. That makes it a bit darker and huge fun as well.